ECU Reflashing

ECU Reflashing2018-11-26T20:47:57+00:00

The Engine Control Unit (also called ECM Engine Control Module) is a digital component embedded in latest vehicles running a program that hold, reads and control things like key data, 02 and CO2 sensor output, engine rpm, engine performance, fuel to air ratio, timing variable valve and more.

When losing the master transponder key on some vehicle (Lexus/Toyota) there is no interface of making a new key, but reflashing or replacing the ECU. Also if the ignition or the ECU is being replaced on a vehicle a reflash service would be necessary.

Reflashing the ECU actually involves electronically deletion of the read only program and download a new one updated map information instead. Typically, when an ECM is re-flashed, a new map is assembled that allows the engine to run better and faster, but can decrease its durability and reliability.

  • Scratch & scuff removal
  • Bumper repairs
  • Chassis repairs & alignment
  • Paint correction & protection

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