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Established in late 2004, our vision was to provide riders with a truly performance driven service outlet for all makes and models.

We provide the latest and the best possible technology and have the ability to customise work to our customers needs. If you want the best quality EFI tuning available then Dynoverks should be your 1 st choice.

We are an Dynojet Approved Power Commander Tuning Center and have the latest “state-of-the-art” Dynamometer, Dynojet Model 250i Load-Control Dynamometer and the Dynojet realtime Air/Fuel Ratio module, and testing equipment.

Our Dynamometer is in its own pressurised room which creates a real riding environment. It is in this room that our accredited tuners can optimise the fuel and ignition mapping for your motorcycle as wells as being able to create customised maps for your bike and riding style.

For example… If you just want to know what your bike can do in its current form we are happy to run it on the Dyno to prove to your mates once and for all your bikes awesome muscle!

We have a good range of Dynojet Power Commanders in stock.

We also boast one of the largest ranges of high quality hardware and motorcycle fasteners in Australia.

Our workshop is world class with its own engine room where we specialise in performance build work.

We are also an accredited Vic Roads Licensed Vehicle Tester – and can provide Road worthy services to our customers. Get an independent test today!

If you want great service, some thing out of the ordinary call in today and have a chat to the guys.

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