Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection2019-06-07T20:12:22+00:00

For more horsepower and torque, while eliminating those dangerous flat spots to give you smooth throttle response and an improvement in fuel economy.

If you wish that your vehicle remains in peak condition, then you must ensure that your engine works efficiently.

The only efficient engine gives better mileage, fuel economy and safe drive.But the efficiency of your engine hinges upon the efficiency of injectors.

The role of the fuel injector is to release an adequate amount of fuel (diesel/petrol) to the cylinder. Only clean injectors enable the engine to run at an optimum level with fuel efficiency.

Filthy injector clogs fuel injectors, creates engine related problems such as Rough idle, engine misfire, lack of engine power, hard starting (hot or cold and releases harmful emissions.

We use ultrasonic injector cleaning procedure to clean fuel injectors and increase your bike’s performance.